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Lineage 2 Chronicle I

Lineage 2 C1 Unique chronicle totally different from L2 that you know. Now we Back retail with some Dualbox restriction. True C1 chronicle the way it was mean to Be. Fast feature List: Max level 60. (C1 like) . Rates X4 . Quest rates hight. Max wear B (Hard to get). Some extra stuff Added: as raidboss . Dualswords. Weak classes improved . Quets. Please do not be afraid of low rates think that here you will not need get lvl 85 + starwars stuff


-Skills lvl 58 max
-Level max 60 (C1 like)
-Max wear B grade
-Offline trade: start a store and write .offline (default 1 hour)
-No DualBox for pvp. details at rules
-Rates Exp 4 sp 4 adena 4 drop 3 spoil 5
-Dedicated server. 16GB ram x2 hdd SAS15krpm 350GB raid 0. CPU Xeon x4 cores. France
-Live 21.06.2013


-Trade = global chat
-Automatic soulshot: Delete 1 soulshot. them will turn auto
-Pets soulshot : Automatically used from player inventory: soulshot nograde (Pet need a weapon)
-Summons soulshot: Automatically used from player inventory: Beast soulshot (not undead, phanthers , mecha golems)
-Raid boss
-Many quests added
-Official events: L2day , Medals , Heart
-Herbs event
-Fixed Incomplete - Unusefull C1 class Information

-Change class quest    -    Important quest
-How to use Custom features
-AntiLag program low your ping
-Server databases
-Media + online streamin